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Des had previously run my sending against an undulator on a number of occasions at my request.

The website is a valuable means of communication, with over one million page views per month.

I hope that makes you smile...would not believe how obsessed I was/am with Morse!!!

A nine-year-old boy died of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma on Christmas Eve after vowing to stay alive to hold his newborn sister (left and right).

That way, I could still send OK in spite of any conditions.

So, during a 7-week detached duty (see service record) to VHM from Ibis in 67, I was trying to eliminate the buzzing from the hacksaw blade when sending over 20wpm, & also trying to make my keying as good as possible anyway, given the amount of crappy sidewanker sending that abounded in pussers @ the time.

which killed her father Lars, mother Vivian and sister Annabelle.

Before the tragic collision Whitall - who also died in the crash - racked up 183 convictions and spent time in jail under the name Jamie Robert Wilson, the Daily Telegraph reported.I consider Les Catton as one of my greatest ever mates, a man of integrity beyond reproach, and in my books, a hero on the night of 24/. Yes, we did eventually try to escape to the open sea, as did Attack, but this was not the initial situation.Arrow had been ordered to one of the 2 cyclone buoys in the harbour, and Attack secured to the other.Maybe some ex-sparkers will find this video clip amusing, particularly any ''Banana Benders''!Best wishes to all readers for the Festive Season & 2015 Regards Dave (Wescombe-) Down ex-RS 21/12/14.The redeveloped website continues the Departments mission of being responsive to the needs of veterans and their families.

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    It is best to chat online and get to know a bit about people first and be sure that they are here for the same reason as you and ultimately enjoy some adult fun and conversation.