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It may not be practical to use a credit card from your home country for your credit card purchases in Indonesia as you will lose in exchange rate conversions from rupiah to your home currency.Indonesia also has a very high incidence of credit card fraud that you need to protect yourself against.

Alternatively you can leave the application of the visa and work permit to a formalities agent in who will complete the entire process for a fee.You may have to consider renting or borrowing a vehicle for the last few weeks prior to your leaving for Indonesia.Prior to taking on an overseas work assignment, obtain necessary information related to your tax obligations while living overseas.Put your house on the market while you are still living in it (empty houses often look less attractive).Remember that prospective buyers may negotiate more aggressively if they are aware that you are moving overseas. Have your vehicle valued by several car dealers to obtain an estimated selling price or check auto magazines, the AAA or other sources for expected price ranges.Prepare a checklist of tasks to accomplish for your move.

The key to a successful move is being realistic about what you can do yourself and seeking assistance for tasks that can be performed by others.Requirements for listing every item in your shipment can be a bother, so it's good to be familiar with import/customs regulations.But, if your paperwork is complete and in order it will greatly speed up clearing your goods through customs in Indonesia.If you are planning to work and live in Indonesia: For more information on what paperwork is required and how to get it, read our article on Visas and Documentation.Your two most valuable assets are probably your home and your car.Ask a real estate agent the selling price of your house and/or how much rental income you could expect.