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Females are taught that they are to be bashful and quiet in all ways.

Many women in these countries are waging a silent war for their own sexuality.Many traditional families believe that talking about sex is just as obscene as taking part in a sex act.Even in educational environments where the factual terms of anatomy should be taught, the lessons were often taught in hush-hush tones and this further clouded the subject of sex for most females.Unfortunately, Russia and Ukraine have not changed much in their attitudes towards women.Women in these two countries are often not respected or highly valued.As times change, it is hoped that women’s roles in the Russian and Ukrainian society change to conform to more modern standards.

Women in these countries deserve more respect so that they do not fall into the sexual traps that are set for them by men who have less than honorable intentions.

This makes the woman unable to explore her own sexual thoughts and attitudes to form a healthy sex life for her future husband.

This causes more questions than answers and makes the subject of sex so taboo that females often form the wrong understanding of sex and these clouds how they respond to the marriage bed.

Even into dating and marriage, sex is a subject that is avoided at all costs.

Those females who do engage in sexual intercourse before marriage try to keep it a secret for fear of rejection by society.

I attended a seminar on at the university in Frankfurt, thus I am trying to tell you, guys, in academic way why the Ukrainian and Russian lady’s attitude towards sex life in a marriage is a cultural issue and why talking about sex and sexuality in Russia and Ukraine is still a big taboo.

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