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For example, SHA1 results in a string 40 characters long, so you should use a 40-character salt. In PHP, the most secure solution is to use the Be sure to store the salt in the database record, too, so that it can be used again during verification of the credentials.If your site stores user credentials, then you inevitably have users who forget their passwords.

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If you’re using My SQL as your database application, you can use SHA2.

They just need to be random, relatively unique, and the longer the salt is, the better.

A single-character salt is better than none at all, but ideally the salt should be the same length as the output of the hash itself.

For example, requiring users to log in is an imposition on them, but is often a reasonable imposition to make.

The reason I’m explaining all this is that you need to decide when and how to implement the following specific ideas based upon the particulars of your site and its sensitivities.

Storing hashed versions of passwords is far, far more secure than storing passwords in plain text, but that alone is not secure enough under many situations.

Better security can be attained by adding a “salt” to a password prior to hashing it.

The value needs to be kept in a safe place, such as a secure file in which it’s defined as a PHP constant.

Of course, the same secret key and algorithm must be used to hash the user’s password upon registration and to compare the password during login attempts.

By doing so, even if multiple users have the same password, the stored hashed versions differ.

A common mistake is to think that the salts have to be secret—they don’t.

A is the bit of programming that generates a hash of a value.