Camberwell sexual health clinic abortion

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Camberwell sexual health clinic abortion

This course takes 5 weeks, 3 hours per week and includes diabetes specific information.

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If you think that you're waiting longer for your bus, you might not be imagining it.These services will bring together the expertise from both organisations in delivering sexual health and substance misuse services for young people.Both services are currently phasing in new locations and services so please keep checking back for more info and updates.Southwark Council has acknowledged it caused "alarm and distress" to residents of a council block in Blackfriars Road who found their homes included on a list of potential redevelopment sites in the borough.Local groups including the Tower Bridge Road Alliance are urging people to join a rally at Bricklayers Arms on Saturday to urge Transport for London to consider a tube station at the junction as part of the Bakerloo line extension.Food writer and broadcaster Mary Berry was guest of honour at the annual Sheep Drive on London Bridge on Sunday as freemen of the City of London exercised their right to bring livestock across the Thames without toll.

Speaking in Southwark on Thursday night, Commonwealth secretary general Baroness Patricia Scotland made an impassioned plea for people to work ceaselessly for the restoration of the island of Barbuda, 95 per cent devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Local residents joined Green, Labour and Lib Dem politicians at the Bricklayers Arms on Saturday for a rally to show the strength of public support for a new tube station at the road junction as part of the Bakerloo line extension.

Views from the Thames Path of the historic Bankside ferryman's seat in Bear Gardens are to be restored after the Real Greek restaurant was told to remove an extension it built without planning permission.

[email protected] for more information of courses, course dates, venues and criteria.

These services offer advice and information, contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

This course takes 6 weeks, 2 and a half hours per week.