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Check out the stud detailing and multi strap design! Unfortunately it has now sold out, but click (right) to take a closer look.She is no stranger when it comes to flaunting her figure.And Bianca Gascoigne was seen doing exactly that as she slipped into a bondage style bikini while stepping out in Cyprus on Sunday.Equipped with her headphones and mobile phone, the reality star danced around as she listened to music while soaking up the sunshine, before taking a dip in the pool.Cooling off from the blazing temperatures in the water, Bianca was seen lowering herself into the pool, but not before pausing with her hair swept over to one side and striking up a provocative pose on the laddered steps.Brian Wright, the mastermind behind a gang which flooded Britain with £500million worth of cocaine, enjoyed a lavish lifestyle in Northern Cyprus until he fled a month ago after a tip-off that police were closing in. Another drug baron, Raymond Spencer, 50, was recently deported to mainland Turkey, extradited to the UK and jailed for 13 years at York Crown Court on a smuggling charge.

But it is believed at least 20 other major British crooks are still living in the area.

Her appearance in Cyprus comes after Bianca has sparked speculation she is back together with her ex-boyfriend CJ Meeks. I didn’t feel it needed to be addressed.'Bianca said in February that there is no way she would go back to her ex, CJ.

The duo were spotted looking close back in June, suggesting that she has managed to steal his heart once again, after leaving him devastated over her in-house romance with Jamie O'Hara on Celebrity Big Brother in January. She had ended up finishing in sixth place on the show overall and was seen to spend the night of the finale back Jamie's arms, having been reunited after both insisted they had wanted to pursue their relationship on the outside.

The Persians did not interfere in the internal affairs of Cyprus, leaving the city-kingdoms to continue striking their own coins and waging war amongst one another, until the late-fourth century BC saw the overthrow of the Persian Empire by Alexander the Great.

His premature death in 323 BC led to a period of turmoil as Ptolemy I Soter and Demetrius I of Macedon fought together for supremacy in that region, but by 294 BC, the Ptolemaic kingdom had regained control and Cyprus remained under Ptolemaic rule until 58 BC, when it became a Roman province.

Less than a mile from the centre of Lapta is the secluded £2million villa of Dogan Arif, godfather of the Arif gangland family who terrorised South London with their drug trafficking operation in the Eighties.

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