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The first county officers were elected the 1st Monday in February, 1857. At the first election about 1,100 votes were polled, the new county being then divided into eleven towns. On the 23d day of September, 1848, (after the treaty by which all the lands east of Wolf river were ceded to the government by the Indians), Thos. A day or two subsequently Andrew Dunn and Hugh Mc Farlane reached the same locality, but finding the land already occupied, returned home.The county officers were: Daniel Schermerhorn, county judge; M. Lyons, clerk of court; Fernando Windsor, district attorney; G. Western and Kingston returned to Grand Rapids, and formed a company shortly afterward to operate the Yellow river under the name of T.

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During the ensuing year, Warren Kimball, Benjamin Cole, the Hutchinsons, John and Joseph, settled in the immediate neighborhood.It was then, also, that the first shadow of death that we find to have occurred in the limits of the present county visited these early pioneers: A child of Clark Heffron wandered away from home and was lost in the woods, and though every man, woman and child gave diligent search for days, no trace of her was ever found. Kenyon about this time received a commission as justice of the peace, and for a time did a thriving business in uniting in holy wedlock the young people who up to this time had been anxiously waiting for either a parson or an esquire who could perform that desirable service for them.About the same time one George Strickland, an employee of the mill, was struck by the "dog" and instantly killed. Joseph Bonham and Miss Mary Parker were the first who availed themselves of the authority of this new dignitary in their midst, being made happy at the house of Captain Findley, who gave a bounteous reception, winding up with the first dance of the county.Jeffreys were hired to run a small raft of logs down to the mouth of the Yellow river, with instructions to put up a shanty about eighty rods below the mouth on the west side of the Wisconsin river.In the summer of 1849 the first settlement was made at Necedah. After his father's death he lived a roving life, though making his home near the present village of Necedah, until the year 1871, when he was shot in a quarrel with Bill Dandy, at that time a chief of the Winnebagoes. Their shanty stood upon the site now occupied by the residence of Allen, who remained in the county, and has continued to reside there to the present time, and who may justly claim, with Amasa Wilson, now of New Lisbon, the honor of being the first settlers in the county.

Taylor; Lyndon, James Hevey; Waucedah (afterward included in Necedah) J. He lived afterwards with his father at a trading post, which was established about 1836, some three miles from the mouth of the Lemonweir river, and on that stream. Finding a supply of timber near the dells they built there a shanty, had commenced getting out square timber for the market.Although I've done my best to be accurate, there may be transcription errors that I failed to catch. Upon the 2d day of March the board of supervisors held their first meeting in the village of New Lisbon. He had, however, prior to this time, become connected in business with M. Maughs, of Galena, who came, in consequence to his death, into full possession of the mill property and its improvements.JUNEAU COUNTY (as of 1878): Up to 1857, the territory now known as Juneau county, was embraced in Adams county. He subsequently became proprietor of the village, which afterward sprang up around him and which honored him by taking his name. Boorman, stands upon the original site of this mill. Our opinions are unbiased and unfiltered, and we never hold back. Listen […]Connecting Vets is a nationwide, multi-media digital portal connecting military veterans to information we need to thrive. Because it’s the right thing to do, and because the nation benefits greatly from the continued contributions of the men and women who have served.The log house, commenced the previous fall, was completed and a mill erected. Miner removed here with his family and erected a frame house, which now forms a part of the Bently house.

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