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Customer reviews christian dating sites - adult chatrooms 321

However, it is not as big a player in the world on online match-making as some of the others.This is a decision for you to make: Do you want a more tailored service or a large database of potential matches?

(Click Here to Take an e Harmony Online Tour) e Harmony is perhaps the best-known internet dating service.

Also, we are seeking reviews, testimonials, and personal experiences with these dating services.

If you have experience with any of the services above, please share your thoughts with us so that we can improve our reviews and give more information to our visitors.

However, for the average Christian, a faith-based service might be more fitting.

If you have any information that we are missing or if we have made an error, please let us know.

e Harmony states that they have over 5 million registered users, with between 10,000 and 15,000 new users signing up every day.

They offer a free personality profile for new users which shows you how others see you and highlights your relationship strengths and weaknesses.

Founded in 2000 by relationship expert and evangelical Christian, Dr.

Neil Clark Warren (you may know him from the commercials), e Harmony is built on a scientific matching system that compares 29 dimensions of compatibility (the curious can find out what these 29 dimensions are in e Harmony's FAQ section).

Metrodate offers a free member profile, as well as free basic services, allowing you to take their system for a free test drive. Another nice feature is that the service can perform matches for you automatically and send you the results via email. They are a serious service that does user screening and maintains photos and videos that accurately represent your potential matches. Great Expectations hosts parties and events in cities across the country.

In addition to romantic relationships, Metrodate also creates friendship matches. Personals does not have a focus on Christianity per se, however we've included them in this list because they are a large and well-known dating service. Personals operates in many countries, while other services are often limited to the US and Canada. Yahoo also offers "premier" matching, which it claims is "the next best thing to getting to know each other in person." Another benefit of the premier service is that it is exclusively filled with long-term relationship-seekers. Great Expectations focuses on a high level of quality service.

However, this should have no bearing on Christians seeking Christians via Soulmatch, as you can limit your matches to Christians only.