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Its main tributaries are the Merkys, Neris, Nevėžis, Dubysa, Jūra, Minija, and Šešupė.

The Baltic coastal area is fringed by a region characterized by geographers as the maritime depression, which rises gradually eastward.The elevated Baltic Highlands, adjacent to the central lowland, thrust into the eastern and southeastern portions of the country; their rumpled glacial relief includes a host of small hills and numerous small lakes.The Švenčioniai and the Ašmena highlands—the latter containing Neman River (Nemunas), cutting north and then west through the heart of the country, is the largest.TVP1 (TVP Jeden, Program I Telewizji Polskiej, "Jedynka") is a television channel owned by TVP (Telewizja Polska S. It was the first Polish channel to be broadcast and remains one of the most popular today.TVP1 was launched August 1939/25 October 1952 (tests), January 1953 (regular programming).From 1923 -1938 the Lithuanian government began an instrumental topographic survey of Lithuanian territory.

Maps at 0 000 were compiled for the whole territory along with 92 sheets at 000.

Aside from a brief period of independence from 1918 to 1940, Lithuania was occupied by Russia beginning in 1795, was controlled by Germany for a brief period during World War II, and was incorporated into the U. In 1251 he accepted Roman Christianity, and in 1253 he joined the…

On March 11, 1990, Lithuania declared its independence by a unanimous vote of its newly elected parliament.

Spruce trees are prevalent in the hilly eastern portion.

The central region is characterized by large tracts of oak trees, with elegant birch forests in the northern portions, as well as distinctive black alder and aspen groves. Indeed, about one-third of the country is forested, and about another one-fifth is taken up by meadowlands.

Lithuania, country of northeastern Europe, the southernmost and largest of the three Baltic states. The new Soviet parliament acknowledged Lithuania’s independence on September 6, 1991. The less-accessible Lithuanians, living in dense forests and swamplands, managed to withstand the foreign incursions and preserve their independence.

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