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At the age of fourteen, male children in the Niwa family inherit the power of Dark, a phantom thief who is notorious throughout history.Luckily (or unluckily) for Daisuke, that time has now arrived and he must get used to his new alter-ego taking the reins of his body once in awhile. Looks like Daisuke has a lot of growing pains ahead of him.

Angel will definitely be pleased with this compilation of vocals from the series.

Overall, a story that could have been compelling, interesting, and engaging, but ended up being so poorly paced and so scattered that I left feeling very disappointed.

Animation Easily the best part of the series, by far.

Unfortunately, after that point, the seriousness goes away, the angst-factor is turned up about 15 notches, and each episode turns more into a "who does Daisuke like? " sub-arc (though it lasts almost the entire series) that quite frankly reminded me of every other dating-sim series out there.

The last few episodes come seemingly out of nowhere with a heavy plot-driven conclusion, but considering the previous twenty episodes had almost zero plot, this felt very forced and rushed, and otherwise uninspiring.

If you enjoy bishounen type characters (similar to anything Clamp, including X TV), look no further.

Dark is very gothic with his black tight clothing and flowing purple hair, and all of the villains are very beautiful, whether they are male or female.This is also the only disc with the full version of the final episode's closing theme (an accoustic version is available on the D. This is otherwise an excellent compilation including the themes from the TV series as well as the drama CDs (and an alternate version of the TV series opening).Pick up a copy of this disc; you won't be disappointed.The first four of DNAngel, in this case, involve Dark taking over Daisuke’s body and stealing a new artifact for unknown reasons.These artifacts are works of art that are possessed by a spirit of some sort, and in general these episodes will probably remind you of Vampire Princess Miyu TV or something related (as far as the whole "evil power gets people to do bad things, tragedy, etc).Included are original audio drama episodes, CD drama's intro theme performed by Miyu Irino, and outro theme performed by Sara Nakayama and Masumi Asano.

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