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The dress coat of the ’50s was made from heavy wool or silk materials for a shell of warmth that looked as divine as it must have felt to its elegant wearer.

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Let me know what you love most about ’50s clothing in the comments, or by saying hello on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by subscribing to my newsletter!1950s women’s fashion trends are perhaps the most feminine and sophisticated for the modern vintage lover to wear, and are arguably the last remaining era of vintage fashion that’s available in ample supply to buy from boutique and online vintage sellers.Unlike the war torn era of ’40s fashion, the ’50s returned to a trend-focused culture dictated by the runway influences of Parisian couture.Dressing in this type of jacket relieved a woman from the binding of a corset to cinch her waist for a more “New Look” styled jacket, as illustrated in the vintage fashion advertisement above.Because this jacket style was less sexy in appearance, I assume that the shape was more popular for the older crowd versus the trend-chasing young lady of the era with the energy to push her body into the New Look shape!If you are a fashion fan, you probably noticed the wardrobe changes Betty Draper underwent for her day-to-night events with Don.

Even when not as luxurious as the high society events of the Drapers, a lady was expected to slip into something a bit more fancy for her post-work affairs.An evening dress was typically a one-of-a-kind garment or one of a select few available purchased from a specialty department store.From the classic LBD to a sequin stunner like that of above and below, the ’50s woman was sure to own a dress that would rival every other womans’ at the party.Feel free to scroll through the post to see the most feminine ’50s clothing styles for the vintage lover today, or click any of the links below to be taken immediately to the text within the article!Source: A fun and flirty polka dot dress with white dots on a blue base with a fitted waist and flared skirt to create the era’s definitive hourglass silhouette.The waist is usually belted extremely tight so that a corset or body-shaper is necessary for proper fit.

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    Nonetheless, 1950 is a long time ago now—should we adjust the starting point to 2000?

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