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I ask where everyone is and am told to head round the corner, into the quieter residential street, Ingestre Place.A hundred or so people are already waiting, and I’m told by the security supervisor that I’m probably a bit early, so I head off and get a coffee, arriving back at -ish.

A new system was recently quietly introduced with the aim of alleviating the pressure on Soho’s streets.

I imagine the fact that school’s went back today maybe has something to do with that, although maybe these are the lucky few who had the foresight to realize that a place in the high 100’s is pretty useless anyway if you want to grab the most hyped items.

After providing the requisite photo ID, the name I provided the other day is checked off on a list and I’m given a card with my number on.

I file through and join the line of people, many of whom are sporting T-shirts and jackets acquired at other recent Supreme drops, coupled with their box-fresh Vapor Maxes and Air Max 97 Silver Bullets.

I feel distinctly out of place in my pair of knackered ASICS and some dusty old jeans, as I was all set for a day of moving boxes in a warehouse.

From here I pass into the next section of the queue, and after a little more waiting I’m allowed to walk around the corner and on to Peter Street.

Here they’ve set up three separate orderly queues, situated on quieter sections of pavement and out of the way of the bemused passers-by who regularly stop to inquire as to why we’re all stood in a line that seemingly leads to nowhere.Acquiring the details of the Monday signup event involves to signing up to a mysterious mailing list devoid of any mention of the Supreme brand.I was skeptical about the authenticity of the mailing list until Monday rolled around and I received an email informing me that, due to the bank holiday, I would be sent the details of the signup on Tuesday this week instead.Overhearing people discussing their numbers in the queue, I slot myself in at roughly the right place.A few chancers are milling about with much higher queue numbers or even no number at all, on the off chance of blagging their way in.There’s no way this is going to happen though, and the whole operation seems to be very slickly run.