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Games played elsewhere with 52 cards are sometimes played with 32 cards in Germany - for example Mau-Mau (the German version of Crazy Eights) and even Poker.These are sometimes known as "Scharfe Karten" (sharp cards) and consist of only A K D B 9 in each suit.

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In Bavaria the games of Schafkopf and Watten are more popular.

These are the cards used in most of the country for the German national card game Skat.

The same cards are used for other games, such as Schwimmen, Pochspiel, Mauscheln, Solo, Siwweschrööm, Klabberjaß and Fipsen.

The French suits have two sets of names in German - one derived from the French suit names and one purely German set.

Bridge players tend to use the French derived names Pik, Coeur, Karo and Treff for spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs respectively.

It is also used for the local versions of Rommé (Rummy) and Canasta, which generally require multiple packs with jokers.

There is also now a local version of President under the name "Einer ist immer der Arsch".

Each suit consists of Ace (As), King (König), Over (Ober), Under (Unter), 10, 9, 8, 7.

The cards which are now generally known as aces were originally twos and are still occasionally called Daus (Deuce).

The suit cards are king, queen, rider, jack 10, 9, 8, 7 in the black suits, and king, queen, rider, jack, ace , 2, 3, 4 in the red suits.

This is used in the Black Forest for Baedn's national card game Cego, which is a somewhat unusual Tarot game.

Each region has its own distinctive pattern, variously available in 32, 36, 24 and 48 card forms (the 48 card pack being a doubled 24 card pack).

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