Gerard butler is dating

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The duo became very close working together on the movie, Bounty Hunter.They played down rumors of their purported off-screen romance and said they were just close friends. Brad Pitt and Ansel Elgort are some actors who were earlier in relationship with Jenifer There were strong rumors in 2010 that the 300 star Gerard Butler was eyeing the London-based socialite billionaire Goga Ashkenazi.

In 2010, Gerard was spotted visiting the socialite billionaire at her West London mansion.

He attended law school at the University of Glasgow School of Law and also attended the Scottish Youth Theatre.

Gerard graduated from law school but did not qualify as a lawyer.

Madalina is a model who also had eyes on the big stage. Gerard Butler is one of the pickiest men in Hollywood. They both confessed how much they love working with each other as the movie Bounty Hunter premiered in London.

In a brief interview, Gerard described Jennifer as a down to earth person.

Everything about their romantic linkup started and ended in 2010. She was married to Travis Barker at that time but there were rumors that the one-time miss USA was seeing Gerard when are hubby was hospitalized after surviving a plane crash.

There were speculations that Gerard and Naomi are a couple.

He sure knows how to get the best within and outside Hollywood. He hooked up with Chiara Conti in 2004 but their romantic story ended in 2004.

Gerard Butler had also hooked up with Brandi Glanville.

His romantic relationship with the British actress cum television presenter started in 2015 and ended the same year.

Gerard Butler is very picky when it comes to women.

He took up a position as a trainee lawyer in a law firm but due to his lifestyle, and the fact that he constantly missed work, he was fired a week before qualifying as a lawyer.