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Published by Frederick Witherington Total : 32 Images22 December, 2017 Summary : Cute memes for bae image at relatably. Verden forandrer sig hurtigere og hurtigere, og det stiller nye krav til virksomheder og deres rekrutteringspartner.

I have to stress that they were very professional in how they handled the entire process; they really delivered every step of the way.

The dialogue was transparent, honest and I experienced full flexibility even though our deadlines were rather short.

I was impressed by the number of highly qualified candidates presented to me, and I will definitely be using Compass again.

Vores services går på tværs af brancher og er skræddersyet til at hjælpe dig med at håndtere de udfordringer, som du står overfor.

Det handler om at gøre din virksomhed så agil og fleksibel som muligt.

Vi hjælper dig med at tiltrække de rigtige kandidater – fra direktører til specialister, så din virksomhed altid er klar til fremtidens behov.

I made use of Compass for recruitment of leaders and director level assignments.

Through my professional career I’ve made use of Compass when recruiting several senior specialists and directors.

I experienced transparency from the beginning right up to signing the new employee’s contract.

I now have two strong candidates, who met all of our wishes and demands – and Compass managed to find them within a very short deadline.

These are just the latest of several hiring processes I’ve completed with Compass over the past ten years.

They’ve shown acute understanding of my leadership style and the specific culture in which we work.

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