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Making things worse, Denise is served with divorce papers.* First appearances of Denise Bauer, Sara Holt and Garrett Wells The Kelly Nolan trial continues, but Alan, Denny, and Brad fear the worst when Kelly's cold demeanor begins to turn off the jury; Garrett and Sara are enlisted to help Denise in her divorce settlement; Malcolm convinces Tara to represent Johnny Damon, Edwin Starr's nephew, whose performance of Starr's hit song "War" strikes a nerve at a nightclub; Catherine worries about Bernard's reaction to the Nolan trial.

* First appearance of Shirley Schmidt Lori, along with Denny and Shirley, defend a school superintendent who fired three science teachers because they refused to teach creationism and is now being sued by them; Alan learns his assistant has expressed concern about their work relationship; Alan discovers that his client Bernard Ferrion, who killed his mother, may have killed again, and this time his neighbour; Sally is fired and learns that a close associate is not too keen on lending a supportive hand; Alan is surprised to see a familiar face appear – Catherine Piper (from an earlier episode of The Practice where she was a witness in Alan's hometown murder case – most noted for shaking Alans hand with "poop" on her gloves as payback for his childhood pranks).

The school in question is likely Winslow High School, the school in another Boston-based show from David E.

Kelley, Boston Public, since the principal for both schools is named Steven Harper and played by the same actor, Chi Mc Bride.

* Final regular appearance of Sally Heep Brad becomes attracted to his client who is being sued for having a relationship with her business partner merely for financial purposes and to make matters more difficult, Brad convinces himself that the doubts he feels are due to her lying about being a lesbian; Alan is asked to second chair on Denny's trial case where a doctor is being sued for prescribing a drug that has not been FDA approved when Denny seems to be on a personal mission to prove that he is a competent attorney by taking the case solo and it turns out that the case has reflection in Denny's own life.

While out with Tara, Alan is assaulted leading to him causing a barroom brawl and, as a result, becomes arrested for conspiracy to commit assault & battery; Shirley and Denny represent a man whose steakhouse is being put out of business because the Selectmen of a small town have banned red meat in the town due to fear of mad-cow disease.

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Jeff Bleckner (born August 12, 1943) is an American theatre and television director.

Alan and Denny defend a drug company that is being sued by a woman who states they provided false reasoning when they took her off of an experimental pill that was a possible cure for her sickness and they discover a shocking secret that could make or break their case; Lori discovers that Tara's new information for their case would win it for them, but the way she retrieved it could cost them their case and their careers; Lori learns a secret about Brad.

Lori and Brad defend a woman who is accused of murdering her husband and his mistress while they were in bed together; Alan is held hostage when he helps a woman whose ex-husband repeatedly kidnaps their children every Christmas.

When Edwin Poole (Larry Miller) is institutionalized, Paul Lewiston asks Brad Chase to return to the Boston office; Alan Shore is assigned a case in which a mother wants to sue the producers of Annie after her daughter is refused the title role because she is black; Brad and Sally Heep file an emergency appeal when a client's ex-husband will not allow her to take her children to New York; Denny Crane tries to prevent his client from hiring a private investigator to find out who his wife's lover is, and Lewiston assigns Lori Colson to ensure that an investigator is not hired.

Alan helps Christine Pauley (Elizabeth Mitchell), an ex-lover whom he had committed, secure release from the mental hospital and Sally and Tara become concerned for Alan once it appears that Christine is stalking him; Denny finds himself at the end of a lawsuit when he comments on an opposing client's sex life.

Edwin Poole escapes from the mental hospital and takes a murder case.