Listen am 1300 online dating

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Listen am 1300 online dating

The girls in there aren’t that attractive but they have one pretty hot and busty ladyboy so if you like that you might want to check it out soon.

Before we get into the juicy part I have some useful vocabulary for you (even though the girls in these bars do speak basic English of course): I have already written a guide to the blow job bars in Bangkok and since it is so popular I decided to spend some time down in Pattaya to do some “field research” on the same topic.Nowadays you might even find only two waitresses during the low season serving you with a drink and no blow jobs at all.Not sure what happened with this place, maybe they have stopped doing any marketing to their bar – yes this street is fairly quiet anyway but if they continue operating like that they will have a hard time to survive in the increasingly competitive industry.Some people claim that Pattaya doesn’t have a lot of fun daytime activities.So what is there really to do before sunset if you don’t feel like driving out of the city for another temple, overpriced theme park or low-key beach that might be quiet and beautiful but really too hot before 4 or 5pm?Well you could visit one of the many blow job bars in Pattaya that attract most of their customers before sunset.

Many guys are surprised when they find themselves at the exciting part of their happy ending massage and the girl only offering a hand job but no blow job (the only exception with almost guaranteed BJ’s might be Soi 6).

Only recommended to visit if you have been to all other places on this list. It’s being run by a French guy who really knows what his customers enjoy: Five extremely comfortable seating areas with mattresses and tables on them, each with curtains around that can be closed once you start with the blow job or short time and also surprisingly young and attractive girls.

Some of them even worked in the Go Go Bars on Walking Street before but are too lazy to dance – but not too lazy to suck.

Coming from Second Road, you could either walk there in 30-40 minutes or take a motorbike taxi for 60-80 Baht.

Right next to Club 4 is the 007 Club that is also French owned and has exactly the same concept: Six private seating areas with surrounding curtains.

There are usually different places where the blow job can be performed – if you are not shy you can have it done right in the middle of the bar with the other girls around.