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Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, travel in convoy at Shoalwater Bay Training Area, North Queensland, during Exercise Talisman Sabre in July 2017.A century after the iconic Battle of Beersheba (see Chris Dawsons paper and the book review) mounted infantry continue to contribute to Australias defence.

He concludes that, despite massive advances in technology, each of the masters still has lessons for the 21Preserving Australias military aviation heritage Michael Hough Australias military aviation history is being preserved in three official and eight private museums, several of which focus on flying historic aircraft.

The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society is one example.

Military aircraft preservation, however, faces personnel, equipment, legal, financial and other challenges; and the Institute could assist by developing and storing the aural and visual history of ADF aviators.

The following is a list of the journal articles that have been prepared for viewing online as pdf documents (Adobe Acrobat reader required - visit download (free)).

Hold down [Ctrl] then press [F] to search for a paper.

It was also the first naval battle in which opposing ships neither saw nor fired on each other.

It ended in the Japanese Port Moresby invasion fleet turning back to Rabaul.Countries are being polarised between militarisation and securitisation methodologies.A border security strategy must be integrated within a whole-of-government national security strategy.Third Gaza, overall, was a well-planned and well-executed battle. General Giulio Douhets seminal work, The Command of the Air (1921), and its sequels, The Probable Aspects of The War of The Future (1928), Recapitulation (1929), and The War of 19-- (1930), are foundational lessons for air power students, strategists and enthusiasts.The charge: the Australian Light Horse victory at Beersheba by David W.Monash and Chauvel: how Australias two greatest generals changed the course of world history by Roland Perry reviewed by David Leece This is a biography of the two Australian corps commanders of the Great War.

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    During the two year Design Associate intensive training program at Jam Factory, she was selected for the Pilchuck Scholarship, taking her to Seattle for a workshop at the renowned Pilchuck Glass School. The objects she creates are unique and greatly considered as she manages to combine the design element with the hand-made. The most recent being for the new work created in collaborative partnership with fellow Jam Factory alumni glass artist, Mandi King, under the moniker, illumini.

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