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Look in the english airdate column here for all known release dates of the english dub episodes.

Plus the manga has referenced anime-original arcs and events. Buying them as Box Sets is recommended for the best about the origins of "Icha-Icha Paradise", likely taking place before part 1. Jiraiya's books are so far only translated in German.Viz has since 2010 never mentioned to translate them.Credit to translator cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata for a good portion of this part of the FAQ. They run parallel to the main events in the manga series.They are written in novella form instead of the stand mangaka form.Digital Viz manga Raw Check out /r/manga's guide to ordering manga from Japan if you want to buy the original japanese volumes. Click here for an overview of all fillers and episodes and their corresponding chapters.

Click here for a list of fillers worth watching as well as all the OVAs and Omakes.Not even the voice actors know for sure when they dub the episodes.Here is the guide to openings and endings of Naruto for: Credit to /u/Dynamex for this reference. Credit to /u/bluerdman There's no need anymore since the Boruto anime is original and currently takes place before the manga.Buy them on online on Amazon or at your local bookstores!Refer to timeline of Naruto The Hiden series of novels is about the characters of Naruto set between ch 699 and ch 700 of the Naruto manga. (Please let it be noted that Akatsuki Hiden mostly consists of flashbacks in/pre-series, so it doesn’t really contribute to the post ch699 Naruto timeline).However, some fillers have been known to add to the story or give a great laugh.

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