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It wasn’t easy, but the feedback I got from viewers who weren’t familiar with my DJ work was terrific.

But, she reasoned that it would take some work to prepare herself for such a role. So, apart from his acting, deejaying and charity work in Thailand, Push is also busy with overseas projects, mostly in China. “I was really happy to shoot the drama in China with famous film actors,” said Push, who got the chance to star alongside Orlando Bloom, who had a cameo appearance in the mainland web drama.Pi Suea is one of May112’s most successful characters due to his gorgeous and playful personality.Readers also seem enjoy Pi Suea’s method of chatting up girls. , Push and Esther portray a mismatched couple who starts off on the wrong footing.The crew had to be on standby to ensure our safety,” the actress recalled.As for his next Thai project, Push will be seen in the rom-com along with his real-life girlfriend Warattaya Nilkuha (a.k.a Jooy).

In the drama, she plays a big star in Thailand who hires him as her bodyguard to protect her from a mysterious stalker.Esther said she enjoyed the scenery and quiet surroundings: “We loved spending our time on the farm.It was very beautiful and peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.” As for their dream roles, Esther said she hopes to push her boundaries by playing a psychopath in a horror movie while Push looks forward to acting as a secret agent, or playing an effeminate man or cross-dresser in a comedy.Being new to horseback riding, as well, Push revealed that their two-day training session barely prepared them for the shoot.“The scene was shot using a different horse, which we were not familiar with.I work as a radio DJ from 8 am to 10 am five days a week. I was initially criticised for my stiff acting, and that pushed me to work harder.

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