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I know what you mean, but in my case i cant help but notice the details and that the mouth mvoements dont correspond to what theyre saying and it pisses me off.

Hundreds of years of brilliant new words to better describe shit and it's fucking lost on most people who will um and ah every time they're asked to describe something they saw because actually reading a fucking book and learning some new words at some point in their lives was too goddamn much to ask.Peter Travers of Rolling Stone - "The way I see it, Osmosis Jones will have to duke it out with A. Can your heart be warmed while your guts are being wrenched?"Claudia Puig of USA Today - "The animation sequences — the movie's best moments — hurtle by at breakneck speed, while the live-action portions are a bit sluggish...It might also be wise to practice better personal hygiene than Murray's character Frank.But they all make a fine comedy."Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly - "Osmosis Jones oscillates between streaky black comedy and sanitary instruction (as well as between crude live action and elegant animation) like a patient with a fever, and viewer tolerance may similarly run hot and cold." Christopher Walken Joins Stuart Little 2 Voice Cast (by Academy Award winner Christopher Walken will lend his voice to Columbia Pictures' Stuart Little 2.It then syncs up their voice with the character's mouth.

The viewer can also view the scene and see how their performance as the voice of Shrek, Donkey, Fiona or Farquaad plays.-- Menus featuring brand new animation created by Shrek's directors and animators -- Exclusive never-before seen extended ending -- Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Featurette that shows you how the characters and movie were brought to life -- from the early stages of creating the skeletal system of the characters to the complex layers of muscles, skin and hair to the development of fluids and fire that makes this movie unprecedented in the world of filmmaking -- Exclusive never-before-used technology that enables viewers to voice their favorite character -- DWK - This Way To Play -- Games and activities just for kids including: -- Bugs & Slugs (tic tac toe) -- Ask The Magic Mirror -- Hangman -- Color A Scene -- Dragon Heart -- Fairy Tale Bowling -- Learn To Draw Shrek -- Coloring Pages -- Ogre Masks -- Soup Slam -- Shrek Pinball -- Trivia Game -- Pin The Tail On Donkey -- Fire Donkey (Cross The Bridge) -- Rescue The Princess -- Decorate The Gingerbread Man -- Character Morph (Allows kids to mix and match the character's body parts) -- Shrek's Music Room including The Baha Men music video; the making of The Baha Men music video; Smash Mouth's "I'm A Believer" music video -- Character interviews with Shrek, Fiona, Lord Farquaad and Donkey -- Favorite Scenes Selection (Go directly to the funniest and coolest scenes) -- Hidden Fun Facts that give you secrets about the creation of the film -- Sneak Peek Trailer of Dream Works' upcoming animated release "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" -- Production Notes -- English 5.1, French 2.0 and Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital -- English Subtitles -- Cast and Crew Bios -- Pan and Scan version of Shrek-- A Filmmaker's Commentary that provides insider information on the making of this groundbreaking animation hit.One of the biggest features of the DVD is a program called Re Voice Studio, which enables viewers to voice the lines of their favorite characters.The program enables viewers to select from 12 of the film's scenes and record the lines of the characters.No content, images, or design elements may be published, republished, rewritten, broadcast or redistributed without the expressed written consent of Digital Media FX and Joe Tracy. Personally i hate dubbed movies and id rather not watch then watch it dubbed. I will always watch a movie in the language it was made. But fuck watching a chinese movie in English, the real ''realism'' a movie has is jsut gone when thats the case.For example i cant stand watching a english movie Dubbed in russian (which i speak fluently) with the same idiot with a monotone voice dubbing every voice there is and ruining the whole movie and not getting half the lines correctly.

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